Your people, they make you laugh until your cheeks hurt, the first person you go to tell good news, they are your shoulder to cry on and your best friend. There is so much magic in connections and I treat each session and wedding as it's own unique story. What is your story?


We're all about the love


01. our philosophy

Liz began Liz Foley Photography back in 2008.  Since then she has been capturing and exploring the connections between the people she has photographed.  Specializing in a beautiful mix of candid and directed photography, she is able to tap into those intimate moments between her clients, moments you may have never noticed before....

the artist

Documenting the moments in between

02. meet the team


Light and color and pattern and landscape and nature. Life itself, and all of those intricate details that make up the here and now, defines our legacies. These are the things that share so much of just WHO we are... of who you are. Your story is constantly evolving and changing. The people you love are changing right along with you. Your moments beg to be documented. Your story is meant to be told. 


I want your moments, not your poses. Come hug your babies. Kiss your spouse. There are no real expectations other than to show up and be exactly who you are. Imperfectly beautiful. I want your real, your raw. Your moments matter.

I am inspired by your authenticity, your connection, your love. I want to celebrate you in this moment and in months and years to come. I am here to not just be a photographer, but YOUR photographer. We can speak volumes together without saying a word.


Studio Manager, primary shooter

In addition to running a full-service studio, Liz and her husband, Matthew, are raising two children and operate a large family farm in northern Illinois. 
This unique lifestyle keeps her bound to the earth, moving in and out of the seasons with amazing opportunities to capture their changing beauty in her client's sessions.  Not to mention, allows for some really gorgeous photographic backdrops.

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Located in Northern Illinois, Liz is able to travel the country to capture her clients stories, wherever they take place.  From Family and Newborn Photography to heirloom quality Wedding images, Liz revels in the opportunity to capture deep human connections.

the detials

our services, your story.

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Event coverage starts at 750.00 and includes professional image editing, online gallery hosting and digital delivery of event images



Family sessions start at 150.00 for 45 min - 1 hour session and include professional image editing & online gallery


Wedding collections start at 1500.00 and include professional image editing & online gallery
please inquire about all inclusive wedding collections 




"When your shoe breaks an hour before you need to walk down the aisle and you let the bridesmaid borrow a pair of shoes you’re pretty much the best. Annalisa and Jason were lucky to have you as a photographer- you guys were so fun!"

client reviews

jenna vaupel


"Liz did an amazing job with our wedding. Fun to work with, great photos, access to our gallery shortly after wedding. She listened to any requests we made. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer to capture our wedding day!"

client reviews

micki williams lobdell


"Just recently had the opportunity to work with Liz and staff at a wedding and was so impressed by her professionalism and passion for capturing the many happy moments of the day. Anyone who selects Liz to capture "their day" is very fortunate!"

client reviews

Keith Rippe


We hear this all. the. time.  We offer years of experience photographing people in all stages of life, it is what we do best.  We strive to create images and situations that will capture all the beauty and love you have in your life.  Rest assured, you are in great hands.


I am not photogenic, how can you be sure i will love my images?

Because we love what we do, and strive to make connections with our clients, we do not offer mini sessions.  We would rather have our clients take the time to relax and enjoy their session than be ushered out after only 15 or 30 minutes.  We want to create real joy in the families we work with and to do so, it takes time.

do you offer mini sessions?



Traveling is our favorite thing to do!  We would love to come to you, be it at your home, your town or your state!  Just let us know what you are thinking and we will work with you to make it happen!

does liz foley photography travel?

We do try to accommodate everyones scheduling needs.  In order to assure that your date and session time can be reserved, we do ask that your package fee is sent at the time of booking.  

How much is due upon booking?

Simply contact us HERE to drop us a line about your upcoming photography needs.  We will be in touch with you right away to book your session or wedding.  

How do we book a session or wedding?

Waiting for photos is so exciting! I always try and post at least 1 peek the day after your session or wedding to hold you over. I strive to have all final images delivered in 2 weeks for family and engagements and 4-6 weeks for weddings.

How long after our session will we receive our gallery link?



Thank you! 

We will be in touch with you shortly!


We would love to hear your story and how we might be able to capture that story for you!  

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